May 10, 2016

About Us

At Shaping Futures, we broker partnerships to build sustainable, strategic partnerships to improve education and transition outcomes and support young people to remain engaged, or reengage, in education or training and realise their full social and economic potential.

At Shaping Futures, we will assist you with:
– Education and Training Providers
– Business and Industry
– Parents and Families
– Community Groups


Establishment of high quality partnerships that link key stakeholders together with shared commitment, goals and outcomes to improve young people’s education and transition outcomes.

Regional Solutions

Development of partnerships that address the needs of a region involving a number of stakeholder groups to help improve young people’s education and transition outcomes.

Education and Training Providers

Development and enhancement of partnerships between education and training providers and stakeholders in their community to assist young people to participate in challenging, relevant and engaging learning that broadens personal aspirations and improves education and transition outcomes.

Business and Industry

Building of sustainable partnerships, engaging business and industry, that actively support the development of young people, contribute to the skills and knowledge of the future workforce and improve young people’s education and transition outcomes.

Parents and Families

Enhancement of parents and families capacity to participate in partnerships that provide an informed and supportive environment for all young people to enable lifelong learning and career and pathway planning, and improve their education and transition outcomes.

Community Groups

Building the capacity for Community groups to participate in partnerships that harness resources and build social capital to support young people to identify and achieve their gaols and improve education and transition outcomes.

At Shaping Futures we will assist you to build partnerships that support you to;
– Make classroom learning more meaningful to your students by connecting this learning to
real life application
– Create opportunities for learning beyond the ‘classroom’
– Create opportunities to bring expertise into the ‘classroom’
– Broaden and deepen learning experiences
– Expand awareness of linkages between education and career opportunities
– Improve young people’s employability, career development and life skills
– Engage or reengage young people in education
– Recognise and accredit the learning that students do in the non-classroom contexts

For example, if you have a successful program with a local business or industry that creates opportunities for learning beyond the ‘classroom’ and you are considering expanding the program, Partnership Brokers could assist you through;
– Evaluation of the current program considering all stakeholders
– Mapping a process with the view to expanding the current program
– Development of partnerships with other key stakeholders to ensure sustainability and a
whole of community approach
– Linking with RTOs and alternative education providers to engage or reengage young
people in beyond traditional classroom learning.

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